Find below a list of the services we provide as well as technical support and guidance from qualified Electrical Engineers .

Service List

Design and manufacturing of high quality  low voltage switchboards.

LV Switchboards

Design and manufacture of meter panels made to suit, high rise commercial and residential buildings.

Meter Panels

Ausboard has developed the Isoboard to supply users with a “worksafe-board”. Our PDU was created to be widely used in Data Centres but can be adapted for any critical load application.


Manufacturing and powder coating all of our metal enclosures in-house, where we have full control of the finished product.

Sheetmetal Fabrication & Powder Coating

Proud member of National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Association

A Thermography Analysis Report may be required by certain clients for maintenance checks or to diagnose any heat rise in switchboards. We will travel to the site and perform the analysis, evaluating the results and creating the corresponding report.

Thermography Analysis

Ausboard has the capabilities to perform in house High Current Testing to 2000A.

High Current Testing


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We create all of our labels                          and custom labels in-house.


A Power Analysis study may be required by certain clients to evaluate the efficiency and performance of their premises.

Power Analysis

Critical load and worksafe switchboards, fully insulated to

AS3439.1 App ZD